About Us: Our Timeline

Put your passion to work.
We want to share our journey from the first day of Nova Futur to the present.
February 2022
We hit 1 million transactions in our client-facing product!
October 2021
We moved into our current office, an even larger one within the same building as the previous.
July 2021
We officially exited the fintech branch having successfully completed the project.
March 2020
COVID -19 meant that we shifted to a more flexible working environment.

Nova Futur branched into a fintech, taking on our first fintech client.
January 2020
We had 50 employees and no room to work so we did the only thing we could, me moved to an even bigger office next door to our old one!
November 2019
Our successful partnership with Looker began.
September 2019
First release of our product to our customers!
August 2019
We moved to a WeWork office in Victoria because our numbers had increased so quickly.
February 2019
Nova Futur was founded and we got a small office in SOHO for our 3 team members.