Top 10 Best Lunches in Victoria

Aoife McCardle
Digital Marketing Executive

A lot of people are currently still working from home but we wanted to paint a picture of what work life could be like once we start returning to the office more. What better way to do this than talking about the key to everyone's heart, food! You will not be at a loss for food choices around our London office.

Our office is based right next to Victoria station which has more food choices than we can count! We asked our team to put together a short list of their favourite lunch spots, including any tips or tricks with their insider knowledge. Here is what they had to say:

10. Packed Lunch

There is always the option to bring in your own packed lunch from home. Whether it's leftovers from dinner last night, or you had the wherewithal to prep a lunch for yourself, feel free to bring it in and eat it up! With large fridges on either side of our office floor it is so easy to store your food and keep it fresh. There are a couple of rules for the communal fridge you should be aware of:

1) Do not leave anything in the fridge past 5:30pm on a Friday if you want to keep it

2) Don’t leave anything moulding or out of date in the fridges 

(The second is more common sense than a hard and fast rule.)

9. Sainsbury’s

Old faithful, classic British supermarket Sainsbury’s is much easier on the purse strings than a lot of other options. They have a huge lunch selection of very reasonably priced sandwiches, pasta bowls, soup, fruit, baked goods and even a hot-food area with things like chicken nuggets and potato wedges. (However, one of our designers does not recommend - from personal experience - putting the aforementioned nuggets into the soup!)

8. Itsu

A five minute walk through the station gets you to Itsu. Perfect for satisfying a sushi-based craving, and they have lots of hot options as well: rice bowls, noodle bowls, gyoza and soup!  A solid go-to for a few people in our team, though there is an on-going debate if its sushi is better than Wasabi’s (what do you think?).

7. Pret a Manger

Slightly more expensive than some other options, Pret provides quite a decent selection of salads, sandwiches and hot panini melts. This can be a good option to treat yourself with as you can pick up a pastry with your lunch as well!

6. Marks & Spencer

Located on the other side of the station from our office, it is a slightly longer trek but you have so much more choice than anywhere else! Salads, wraps, sandwiches, pasta bowls and picnic bites galore! Though mostly cold choices there are a small number of warm options available. It’s easy, everyone knows what they’re getting with Marks & Sparks, good quality food for a decent London price, it’s a safe option for a reason! You could always shake up your lunch by getting a uniquely flavoured M&S bag of crisps (‘Winter Berry & Prosecco Crisps’ anyone?).

5. Leon

Sometimes referred to as the ‘posh’ version of fast food, it is a little on the pricy-er side but well worth the money as you can get a hot, tasty and filling meal here. Serving wraps, hot sandwiches and their take on various salads and curries, no matter what dietary restrictions you may have (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc.) you can find something here. An added bonus is that they often add limited edition choices to their menu so if you’re bored of your usual order, you have the option of trying something new! It is essential that you get the crispy baked waffle fries with any order though (10/10).

4. Tortilla

Just a 2 minute walk from the office, here you can have your burrito hunger well and truly satisfied! Have you tried their veggie tacos? Highly recommend! Why not get a little naked burrito? Or go for a tried and true classic pulled pork burrito! Made fresh in a couple of minutes and smelling so good you will be trying to scoff it down before you even get a chance to sit!

3. Office Pizza from ‘Etna Coffee’

Coming in at number 3 is the office pizza! Every couple of weeks the company orders in a selection of authentic Italian pizzas, arancini balls and salads from Etna Coffee. The Bauso’s brothers have achieved their dream of creating a real Sicilian street food experience in London, it doesn’t get better than this! These are some of the tastiest Italian treats around and with costs covered, you get to sit back and enjoy! 

2. Tachbrook Market

Pull out your Indiana Jones fedora because you will be hunting down this hidden gem! A short 5-10 minute walk from the office you can find the wonderful open-air Tachbrook Market! Here there are stalls with food from every corner of the world so you will be satisfied no matter what you’re craving! This is definitely good value for money as the food is not only incredibly tasty but you get so much you’ll probably struggle to finish it all (just a heads up!). This place is definitely a favourite among those in the know, which now includes you!

Our No. 1..... Wasabi!

Whether you fancy a little bit of sushi or a nice warm bento box, this delicious place hits the spot! Though there is sometimes a short queue, it moves very quickly and you can have a steaming hot curry in your hand in no time! As it is so close to the office I guarantee you'll still be blowing to cool it down when you sit down to eat back in the communal areas! You definitely won’t be hungry after this meal!

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