Silver Linings of 2020

Aoife McCardle
Digital Marketing Executive

What is the first thing that comes to mind when “2020” is said? If your answer is not “COVID” I would like to live in your reality instead of this one! 

For most, the sad truth is that these two are inextricably linked, with COVID defining the last year for almost all of us here on little planet Earth.

Taking a moment away from all the doom and gloom, we would like to highlight some of the good things that came out of 2020:

  • Africa was declared free of wild Polio 
  • AI solved protein folding, one of Biology’s greatest challenges
  • A breakthrough in Solar Power technology now allows the harvesting of invisible light
  • An artificial sun was run at 100 million degrees for 20 seconds, an important step towards sustainable fusion power
  • Researchers found a way to turn CO2 into Jet Fuel
  • A new enzyme was created with the potential to break down plastics in hours
  • Our NHS staff are going above and beyond to tackle its greatest challenge in history
  • Incredible scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals around the world developed vaccines to fight the spread of the disease in less than 12 months!

Now let’s take a look at what Nova Futur’s 2020 looked like:

  • We hired 35 new people across our London and Italian offices, growing our number of developers, designers and data scientists!

  • Development on a charity project soon to be released has given our developers a personal passion project to expand their skills while boosting morale 

  • We (like many) had to quickly make our remote working experience as efficient and fluid as possible. This shift improved the work-life balance for many employees as they were able to move nearer to their families to see out the pandemic

Considering these achievements took place in 2020, we hope you are as excited about 2021 as we are!

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Aoife McCardle
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