Hiring a QA Engineer

Aoife McCardle
Digital Marketing Executive

We have an opening within our company for a Mid to Senior QA Engineer with plenty of room for growth. Those who apply have the exciting opportunity to develop the role and gradually build their own team around them.

To gain insight into the role, I spoke to our hiring manager about the skills and experience we are looking for in an ideal candidate:

Technical skills:

You should have at least 4 years of experience working in a QA position because you will be the first member of a growing team, and it is important to have the skills and experience needed to set up the systems that will be used further down the line.

You should also know and be able to use testing frameworks such as cucumber and selenium, as well as web applications testing. These are the core skills needed to enter the job, anything else can be learnt during the role.

Personal skills:

The ideal candidate must be organised, must pay strong attention to detail and can communicate effectively. These skills are imperative because you will have to plan the testing of all of our products and all features within the products that will be in the hands of the users. In doing this, you must be attentive to any bugs that appear, document them thoroughly and should have the ability to communicate them to the development teams.

Leadership skills are essential as the candidate has the opportunity to develop and grow their own team around them. In line with this, the ideal candidate will be able to balance helping others with knowing when to take charge as it is a collaborative environment here at Nova Futur and we do not condone elitist culture. 

A QA tester should also be creative as they have to find ways to break the product with out-of–the-box thinking, putting themselves in the shoes of the user to see what they might do and how things could go wrong.

It should be noted that having the relevant technical skill-set is the most important thing for a potential candidate and everything else is secondary to this.

The Hiring Process:

Your initial application will be reviewed and if you have the relevant skills and experience you will be sent a technical test. In the test you will have to run Crud operations for a web application; remember to test various features. While this test has a manual element it is encouraged that you know how to create automated tests and try to implement these where possible. If you do not implement them, do not fret as this can be learned on the job as well, but an understanding of automation testing is essential (you don’t have to do it but you should know it).

From the technical test we can determine if you have the necessary knowledge to work in this role. Following the analysis of the technical test, if you are successful you will have two rounds of interviewing with several leading members of the company. In total the process should take no longer than 1 to 2 weeks, we do not wish to waste anyone's time.

What would the day-to-day be like?

In terms of the workload, you will be doing all functionality testing, this is essential, and additionally you will have to do usability testing, security testing, performance testing, penetration testing and automation testing where necessary. You will define the working style of those that join after you and you need to be motivated to take ownership and forge ahead.

A positive of working as a QA Engineer for Nova Futur is that you will have the chance to work on various exciting products which will provide expertise in a lot of different domains. It is not necessary to have industry specific expertise in these beforehand as it is possible to learn on the job. With these various projects comes the need to communicate with each respective team which can be done easily if you are an organised individual and confident communicator.

If all of this sounds like you, please submit an application through our careers page here.

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