Day of a Software Developer

Aoife McCardle
Digital Marketing Executive

We would like to present an example of a typical day working as a developer with Nova Futur. This represents our company work culture as well as some of the systems and programmes we use in a day.


9:00 - Arrive in the office, welcomed with Monday flavoured good-morning's. Best way to start the day? A large cup of coffee. 

9:15 - Between sips, I check Gmail and find 15 unread emails? Luckily it’s just the GitHub pipeline for a new microservice moaning about a missing environment variable - I’ll look into that a little later.

9:30 - Check the Jira board and make a start on today's tickets.

10:00 - Stand-up time…  what did I do yesterday again? I check the GitHub logs for a little reminder. Our project manager is working from home today, this is no problem though, he joins us on Google Hangouts. There are no blockers today which makes the call go as smooth as possible.

10:25 - We wrap up the stand-up, I reconfirm with the google calendar that I have no meetings until after lunch. Time to fix the environment variable in the Github pipeline.

10:45 - With that fixed, I open the Figma wireframes and VSCode and dive into deep work time…


12:00 - Lunchtime already? Time really does fly. Mentally I fumble back and forth between all the nearby options to eat from but end up going with the usual, I can’t resist!

12:15 - I chat to some of my other colleagues over lunch to learn more about their projects and share my own bug problem; they manage to give me some very helpful suggestions that had not occurred to me before.

12:30 - Mark announces the commencement of his daily table tennis session, it’s a friendly little bit of competition we have for those who are interested. I join in for a bit to get the blood pumping - it is far too easy to sit at the desk all day and not move otherwise. 


1:00 - Back to the screen, fuelled by victory and inspired by something Alice said over lunch, I approach the bug from a new direction.

1:45 - Bug fixed! Where is the de-bug duck when you need to give him a squeeze? I knew I was close but Alice really helped with that last part, I’ll thank her by popping her name in the appreciation channel on Slack.

2:50 - Google calendar reminds me that I have a project meeting in 10 minutes with the team members in Italy. What is this meeting for again? Context switching always takes a second when you’re coming out of a coding bubble. 

3:00 - We Zoom meet with everyone in the team including a few new joiners; it’s always good to see fresh faces and hear new ideas! I use Google Docs to make a few helpful notes for future reference, also Peter is back from his holiday tomorrow so he might want to read over them.

3:30 - With the meeting over, I head back to my desk and see a Slack from Sarah asking for some help with a ticket. This is no problem at all. I have a quick read through and can see why she is having issues, I had a similar problem the other day. Hmmm, this might not work but how about if we try….. Yes, it worked!

3:50 - I spend the remainder of the day reading third party technical docs, bug hunting & enjoying the occasional celebratory moment when everything finally comes together. 

5:30 - Home time. I stay and chat with a few of my mates in the office for a bit, then I pack up my things and head home. The last ticket I was working on is a problem for tomorrow.

(This is an illustrative piece inspired by our developers. Names have been changed.) 

Written by:
Aoife McCardle
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