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The Nova Platform

Delivering a comprehensive solution that allows organisations to understand and maximise the real value of their data.

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Easy Setup
Connect immediately to our cloud based platform via real time queues or through our robust API gateways. We accept any type of data source and will work with you to make this process as fast and seamless as possible.
Analyse your Data
Start viewing your data in a meaningful way by applying machine learning algorithms to understand the patterns and trends while creating customized profiles and data sets.
Get to the Moon
Our platform is extremely flexible, from custom algorithms to neural networks leading to a personalised pre-trained model, you will be able to access your data’s full potential with the most advanced technologies at your disposal.

Empowered by Innovation

Real Time Prediction Engine
Specialised service software that utilises individual data streams in real time, quickly processing a high quantity of customer information using advanced deep learning.
Customer Clustering
Sophisticated engines designed to be personalised, ready to sort dynamic customer data into models that aid marketing and outreach.
Live Interactions
A cutting-edge notification hub that initiates one-on-one interactions with customers, writing and responding in real-time to elevate consumer engagement.
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